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Teaching and Training

Certified Training

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ICI Training

Law Enforcement 

Computer Forensics and  Technology training for investigators and detectives in the sexual assault  and child abuse courses. To develop specialized skills and knowledge necessary for attendees to collaboratively, effectively, and objectively conduct investigations unique to sexual assault and child abuse investigations.

Additionally to provide investigators with information about what kinds of information can be recovered using computer forensics and how to maximize the recovery of that information.

South Bay Regional Public Safety Training

Northern CA Regional Public Safety Training Auth.

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STC Training

Law Enforcement   

Identity Theft, Cyber Bullying, Internet Crimes and Economic Crimes These courses takes several steps deep into the criminal activities of these crimes. 

The participants will receive hands on training to not only protect themselves from being victimized by these crimes, but will also learn how the perpetrators conduct their criminal activities,  Cyber bullying issues with school age kids and cyber bullying of adults as well.

We also cover Cyber Predators and the difference between the two, the various types of bullying and predators and how to deal with each type as well as the remedies available both criminal and administratively.

M. L. Eslinger

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Standard Training

Law Enforcement - Private Entities
  • Identity Theft
  • Consumer Crimes
  • Fraud
  • Internet Crimes
  • Computer Safety
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Social Networking Safety
  • On Line Child Pornography Protection
  • Financial Crimes
  • Internet Safety
  • Forensics
  • And More


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