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Computer Forensics

Digital Forensics is the application of science and engineering to the recovery of digital evidence in a legally acceptable method. Forensic Examiners use their analysis techniques to determine potential legal evidence found on digital media. Examiners use various hardware and software tools in this process. This properly obtained Forensic evidence can be crucial in numerous types of cases.

Technical Investigative Services recognizes the importance of this new digital evidence and uses the industry standard of forensic acquisition software created by the company named “Guidance Software” which developed a software program called “EnCase”.

Obtaining forensically sound digital evidence benefits the prosecution. Evidence obtained in this manner and discovered to the defense, results in an early resolution of cases. This ultimately reduces costs, and prosecutor time management.


Technical Investigative Services will provide digital forensic examinations in Law Enforcement cases for local agencies and private enterprises. The benefits of this service will be consistent quality forensic acquisitions. All agencies and private enterprises involved will benefit by getting the same service and expertise from qualified examiners and associated personnel.

Additionally Technical Investigative Services conducts training for first responders and proper digital media handling and storage through its Training Division. Digital evidence cases can be lost or won depending on proper searching and handling of digital media. Training first responders and others in that procedure benefits everyone involved.


Technical Investigative Services has two cost programs available.

1. An annual contract based on passed history of forensic examinations or estimated amount of cases with a not to exceed clause. ( This is preferred so cases can be dealt with expeditiously)

2. A case by case contract for those agencies and businesses that do not have a large number of forensic cases. ( Purchase orders would need to be provided and be approved prior to start of process)

Both contracts are based on the following cost breakdowns:

Each new client will be charged an initial setup fee of $100.00 to cover the cost of an external 1TB storage drive for evidence file storage. This evidence storage media will be the property of the client and can be stored at the client’s evidence location or at the TIS facility. Additional external hard drive storage devices will be acquired and charged to the client at $100.00 each when additional evidence storage is required.

* Technical Investigative Services will pick up and deliver your evidence from your agency.
** Technical Investigative Services utilizes a remote computer program securely through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows agencies to view the evidence on the Technical Investigative Services forensic computer over the internet. This enables the agency or Business investigator to view the evidence with his case file securely from his desk without losing valuable time traveling to the Technical Investigative Services Office.

Court Testimony is billed at $80.00 per hour plus all travel related expenses.